Introduction to TLS 1.3

Prof. Dr. Juraj Somorovsky

Paderborn University, Germany

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is arguably the most important cryptographic protocol. Whether web, email, phone calls, chat, or VPN - there is hardly a type of communication which cannot be secured using TLS. Due to its importance, the protocol became target of many famous attacks, such as CRIME, DROWN, Logjam, or padding oracles. In 2018, a new standard version was released - TLS 1.3. This version was introduced to prevent all the protocol attacks and make the communication more performant.

In this hands-on tutorial, we will give a short introduction to TLS 1.3 and explain how it works. Then, we will show how you can analyze TLS 1.3 with Wireshark and TLS-Attacker.

- Basic knowledge of cryptography
- Virtual Box (we will provide you with a virtual machine including a set of basic tools)

  • 24.Aug.
  • Begin3 pm CEST
    Duration3 h

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Juraj Somorovsky
is a security researcher at the Paderborn University and co-founder of Hackmanit GmbH. He is a co-author of several recent TLS attacks (e.g., DROWN, ROBOT, and RACCOON) and the main developer of a flexible tool for TLS analyses: TLS-Attacker ( Beyond TLS, he likes to break stuff in the areas of Web and crypto.